Friday, August 29, 2014

Give Me Some Sugar

This is my friend’s Chi Chi - a very cute girl with white and tan long hair. I have recently learned something about these tiny dogs. When my mother has just got her Chihuahua, the breeder told her to give the puppy sugary drink from time to time. I was alarmed and told her to talk to the vet first. I have never owned such a smallish dog with special needs so I have had no idea whether it’s the right thing to do.

With Bonnie, our half Keeshond, half Jack Russell, we have to keep her weight in check and the vet told us not to give her too many sweet things – not good for her diet and her teeth. However, since then I have learned that Chihuahuas tend to have low blood sugar (Hypoglycemia) that may lead to coma so they need some sugar supplement in their diet (and you have to take better care of their oral health). I am quite sure that Bonnie would love to be a Chihuahua for this reason so that we would give her some sugar of the edible kind.

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