Thursday, January 29, 2015

Final Act of Love

We just had to let go of our cat, Spike, last Thursday. Spike followed Bob home 2 years ago, I posted about this handsome boy many times and you can find his background here  and here.

We did not know his age or history apart from the fact that he had been neutered and learned to keep his claws in. So we assumed he had been abandoned for some reasons. It might be that his former owners broke up and neither party wanted him or his former owner passed away and he was not attached to the will so no one wanted him. Or he might have run away from home which was so unlikely – this boy was desperate for food, shelter and a little bit of love.

We fed him and kept him warm. Treated his wounds – regularly wormed him and gave him flea treatments. We thought that he was a young cat as he was big and strong and bounced back from his ailments quite quickly. It’s only his teeth that we had concerns.

Last year he started getting to be inside the house more and more At one point we thought we could take him to the vet to have his vaccination and his teeth checked but we had to deal with Bonnie and Pipi for their vaccination first - could not take them all at once. Then Pipi got sick (and eventually died) last November so we had to postpone the plan to take him to the vet until after New Year’s holidays.

Mid January, we noticed his tummy was a bit swollen but he still loved his food. We checked him in with the vet and the prognosis was not good (this was at the different Veterinary practice we used to go in the past 15 years as they had lost our trusts after Pipi was seriously sick because of mistreatment – I will post about this later). The vet gave him 1-3 months to live because he had aggressive cancer. We could not do anything apart from making as comfortable as possible. And when he started getting uncomfortable and did not want to eat – then we would have to let him go.

He stopped eating 5 days later and we knew that it was time to say goodbye. The cat that was once unwanted and starving had his final sleep peacefully – loved, secured, relieved and not alone.

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