Tuesday, January 13, 2015


I have heard that NBC will release new version of Heroes : “Heroes Reborn”  this year and I welcome it. I was a big fan of Heroes Season 1and a much, much smaller one of Season 2.

It was a great comic book styled TV series - funny and exciting at the same time. It’s all about people with special ‘abilities’ but not all of them using these abilities in a heroic way – and this greyness made it even more interesting. The story line was good and did not try to be too serious. The Cheer Leader was in her uniform almost all the time as in comic strips. The cinematography, visual effect and art-direction were amazing. The actors and actresses were good especially Gabriel Grey and Hiro Nagamura.

They did not shy away from killing old characters to make way for the new ones either which was refreshing and we were very much looking forward to Season 2. Season 2 was a bit slow but still interesting enough – a hint of romance would be fine but obvious one did not mix well with comics. Even Tim Kring, the creator of the show admitted it. He also admitted that he had made a lot of mistakes which resulted in downward rating in every consecutive season.

We stopped watching after Episode 4 in Season 3 – it almost killed off our fondness of characters in Season 1. Heroes Reborn should be interesting - I hope that it will be at least as good as Heroes Season 1 if not better now that the creator himself knows what had gone wrong with Heroes from Season 2 onwards.

Note: The photo above is from NBC Website.

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