Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Chiang Mai Pt 3 : Nasi Jumpru - BYO Sticky Rice

On my last day in Chiang Mai before flying back to Bangkok, my dear friend, Khan, took me to this very cute and stylish restaurant a bit out of town. It was a sunny and lovely day and Nasi Jumpru seemed to shine out of know where on the side of the Chiang Mai - San Kampaeng Highway.

This restaurant serves fusion food-Northern food, western style. Not another typical local food restaurant - even the name Nasi Jumplu is lent from Malay, meaning rice and dishes. Die hard fans of true Northern food might or might not like it but I actually do. Only one thing that disappointed me was that sticky rice was not on the menu. It's a sin not to have sticky rice with Norther food - fusion or not!
The venue is very nice - they also offer al fresco I preferred the air conditioned room on that particular day as the smell of still water in the field was not very appealing to me. The interior is very cosy - the decor and furniture are very warm and welcoming. The centre piece on this table is fancy yellow aubergines - they should be in Disneyland!

Plating was wonderful and the food itself was superb, albeit without sticky rice.We had green chilli relish and pork scratchings (crispy pork rind) and spicy sausages. These are two of Chiang Mai signature dishes - and Nasi Jumpru did it nicely. We also had Pork leg Northern Curry which came with thin pancakes like those you have with Peking Duck - this was something not traditional but not bad at all. The meat came away easily from the bone - tender and tasty. Yum. It's a same the two of us were so full so we did not try any of the puddings. Maybe next time:)

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