Tuesday, March 24, 2015

School Reunion

Our girls' school back in Thailand has been a very good school and quite famous academically. It's a state school not private so students then were from all walks of life and backgrounds.I don't know much about our school in the present days - as things change and evolve all the time but I imagine rules will have changed with time. It used to be quite restricted with all the rules for the girls. We could wear our hair long, no perms, no ornaments apart from black and black only hair clips. The hems of our skirts had to be below knees. We could not scream and shout. When one the teachers walked past we had to stand to the side. We sat in mathematics and science classes as well as cooking and home economics. When we were in the toilette we had to pass water as gently and quietly as possible (so unhealthy!) - you've got the idea.

A couple of our friends are sitting in our school board and one told me that they have relaxed pretty much about the girls' rules and now the girls can wear long hair and wrist watches and bangles. Of course, what else do you expect? Time has changed and the past is another country like they said. I have watched 'Mad Men' and been reminded of 'another country' as I could see changes demonstrated from season to season.

Our head girl (whom we selected through student votes - very democratic back then) and several friends organised class reunion for the three of us when I was in Thailand in February. Three of us includes me from downunder, Sasha from the US and Pom from the UK. We were all back home at the same time so it was real nice we could catch up. There were about 60 of us - very noisy but definitely one of the most fun days of my time in Thailand. Thanks to technology that we can communicate with friends through Facebook and Line (communication app) - and we timed our visit to be around the same time.

We have doctors, pharmacists, judge, lawyers, IT experts, artists, lecturers, nurses, Air Force and Army officers and etc. but we left all those behind outside the function room and turned back time to be school girls of 16 (at heart) all over again. We also so had a guest - this was funny as we had the signage on the ground floor of the venue to direct our friends to the right room - it was one of our school seniors but she was 8 years ahead so we did not see or know her at our school. But she saw the signage and came to visit which was nice. School ties are pretty strong. I'd say.

We had sore throats from talking, shouting and singing. We had sore legs from jumping and dancing. We were still a bit hungry because no one was interested that much in eating at the function. All of these were gone the next few hours or the next day. What left are very good, warm memories and lasting friendships.

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