Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Introducing Hobie....

A lot of my readers might have known that we were catless for several months since Spike died early this year. We just came back from Samoa early June and thought it would be a good idea to start looking for a kitten (my first kitten ever - the other cats came to us when they were adult). While searching on the Internet, have come across the organisation called Franklin Cat Rescue which is made up of volunteers - who rescue unwanted/abandoned cats and kittens from the streets and adopt them out. We made appointment with one of the foster homes 5 minutes away from our place to go and have a look at the kittens on their listing.

Melanie has rescued cats and kittens in almost every room in her house. A lot of crates here and there for the cats. A lot of kittens and cats needing their forever homes. I looked at them - I could not take them all home but what I could do is saving one kitten and offer her a forever home. I put my fingers in one of the crates and there came this little tabby sniffing my hand and meowing and purring. What a big purrer! Then she flopped on her side and offered me her tummy to be rubbed (Didn't she know it's a breach of Cat Protocol?) Well, the rest is history. We signed up and would come back for her in two weeks when she's ready. At FRC, all cats and kittens will go to their new homes micro-chipped, vaccinated, wormed, de-fleaed and de-sexed. The adoption fee is nominal to cover the cost. Wonderful, wonderful work they are doing.

And here she is. Hobie has been with us for over a week now. Bonnie is not quite sure what to make of this little girl just yet but so far they seem to be OK with each other - a bit of rivalry but that is to be expected. I have never raised a kitten before so it's a new experience for me. I have learned that kitten can be de-sexed at very young age (8 weeks upwards). Hobie will teach me many more things yet. I'm sure.

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