Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Samoa Part 2

When we were in Samoa, we traveled around but at a leisure pace (means slow). We still wanted to chill out at the beach and in the pool so we didn't cover all the places we should have done. We didn't go to Savai'i (or any other islands) and didn't explored the south eastern coast and ocean trench. Those will be for next time in a couple of years, I guess.

I would like to share some of our experiences in Samoa here and ahem - could I start with my favourite subject please.

Food: Many people said food is a challenge in Samoa but if you find the places where the kitchen staff understands the food and executes the ideas well, it can be fantastic. We love Paddles and Amanaki Hotel in Apia. Salt & Pepper squid at Paddles was excellent. Paddles is open for dinner only so if you stay on the west or south coast, it will take 45 minutes each way to drive. Amanaki's fried chicken was simple but delicious (and cheap). They are open for lunch and dinner. There is also a cute cat at Amanaki to entertain you as well, if you are into cats, that is. For people who don't like cats, don't worry, the critters here are well sussed out and they know what kind of people they can get away with. Services at both places were very good. Sails has prime location but the evening we went the food was of poor quality and overpriced.

Return to Paradise Resort on the south western coast surprisingly turned out beautiful lunch for both of us at their Cabana Cafe. I was skeptical about their Thai Style Chicken Salad but I gobbled all of it (and the portion is not small). The view is also amazing - I posted the picture here last week. Sinalai Resort on the southern coast did not impress us with their food but they house a few cute cats and have great views and  the bathroom is also impeccable. Le Vasa Resort not far from Sheraton Aggie Grey's also has excellent views especially at sunset most days. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is pretty laid back. The food was OK-ish when we were there but not inspiring enough to get us back there just to eat.

Sheraton Aggie Grey's Resort where we stayed also have good quality food and plenty of it. We thought we would get bored with the food here in the resort after a couple of days but we were wrong (However, if you hire a car, you can go for meals elsewhere from time to time). We love their Samoan buffet on Fia Fia night at Apolima Fale. Suckling pig was scrumptious. Beef Curry Stew (Kale) and Samoan Style Chop Suey (Sapasui)were excellent. Their a la carte and snacks at South Pacific are not bad either - the price is in resorts' price brackets but still reasonable. Breakfast is also OK and also includes those yummy local coconut milk buns (Panipopo - a must for coconut lovers like myself).

More to come.....

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