Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tuna Salad Sandwich

I have half a can of tuna left over from the other night so I decide to make a quick lunch out of it.

I like tuna salad sandwich. I have a very fond memory about it – I often had this sandwich when I was in my teens and tagged along with my mom to Co-op supermarket. While our mum was doing her grocery shopping, my brother and I would wait for her in the cafeteria (with brown and orange interior – so modern back then) having sandwich and iced tea. How cool was that! They served this sandwich with a bit of prawn crackers. Might sound weird but it was delish.

My tuna sandwich is quick and simple, you will need:

Half 185 gram can of Tuna (not necessarily left over), drained and flaked

1 heap teaspoon of good mayo

1 heap teaspoon of sour cream

A dollop of tomato sauce and a dash of Sri Racha chilli sauce (my other best friend)

Black pepper

2 slices of bread, toasted – mine is whole meal.

Mix tuna with mayo, sour cream, chilli sauce with a bit of black pepper. Spread on toast -you might like to sprinkle a few salad leaves on the tuna mixture – that will be perfect to make up a sandwich.

I also have my sandwich with a bit of potato chips – as substitute for prawn crackers. Note to self: Find a packet of good quality dried prawn crackers next time I go to the big Asian grocery in Dominion Road. Dried prawn crackers need to be deep fried until they puff up the same way as Poppadoms.

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