Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cafe Culture

Vann is 2 years old. He is Poppy’s big brother. He came to visit me with her sister the other day (no, he did not drive here himself, his mother did). The first thing he did was asking for ‘Fluffy’ – which is frothed milk with a sprinkle of chocolate and fairies.

I remember going out shopping with his mom and Nana Barb when he was younger, we usually dropped into a cafe for a cup of coffee (to keep us going) and Vann would have his little cup of fluffy. Anita has trained him young to get accustomed to the cafe culture. He is now such a chatter box and so cute (when he’s in a good mood) – don’t you think he will be a heartthrob in 15 years time?

Don’t mess with me, I’m having my fluffy!

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