Sunday, September 4, 2011

She Has Gone 4 Years

December 1993 – September 2007

Beau was our first dog together. She was a Thai street dog that we rescued. Not long after we moved to Thailand we found her mother and the whole litter under the woodpile on the roadside near where we lived. Sadly when we picked her up not many puppies had survived. She had 10 toes (with dew claws) so we named her Beau which was supposed to be Bo after Bo Derek (remember 10 – the movie?) but we wanted it to be a short form of beauty as well so Beau she was – although it’s a boy’s name. When we moved to New Zealand, she and her siblings moved with us but they had to be in Quarantine in Hawaii for 6 months before joining us here.
She died of renal failure in September 2007 – 3 months short of her 14th Birthday. We had nursed her days and nights for a month with despair and hope and then despair again. She gave us joy she gave us grieve - she gave us lessons of love and loss and when to let go.

When she was a few weeks old.

We still miss you, Beau.

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