Friday, September 30, 2011

The Masters of Rome

I bought “The First Man in Rome” by Colleen McCullough from the Airport somewhere in Europe (I think it might be Schipold) nearly 20 years ago and never touched it until January this year. I broke my wrist in the first week of the year (silly accident) and had my arm in cast for 6 weeks – that was when I started reading this book and man, I wanted to kick myself as I should have read it long, long time ago. One good thing about starting late is that I can read all 7 books continuously without having to wait for the next one and the next one to come out.

The Masters of Rome is the series of historical novels about Rome from 110 BC to 27 BC. They are 7 books altogether written in the span of 17 years telling the stories of not so well –known to very well known characters in Roman history.

I have finished:

The First Man in Rome

The Grass Crown

Fortune’s Favourites

and Caesar’s Women (it took me 7 months to finish these 4 books as I read only at night after my few weeks in cast –I also have to use dictionary from time to time) so there are another 3 to go:


The October Horse

and Anthony & Cleopatra (only Anthony & Cleopatra is available in Kindle edition). If they were all available in Kindle Ed, I would have read them faster than this as Kindles come with built-in dictionary and the book could have travelled with me to Thailand inside my kindle.

Colleen McCullough is brilliant – I have learnt so much about Roman history from reading her books. Of course, I googled the characters and events as well to learn more about them.

Thank you, Colleen, for opening another door to knowledge for me.

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