Monday, January 9, 2012

Australian Frangipani

When we bought our house many years ago we had to use a landscaping company to deal with the garden. The land is only 700+ square metres and the house has architectural features so we were  left with only small room for mistakes and I was afraid to mess it up by trying to do it myself.  And because of the garden's small size, it didn’t cost us arms and legs (maybe a few toes and fingers!)

 I told them that I wanted to have jasmines, lime trees, and frangipanis and no deciduous trees in my garden and they gave me 12 Chinese Star Jasmines, one lime tree and an Australian Frangipani  . The tropical frangipani plants would not thrive in our situation and they would be deciduous in this country. OK – fair enough. After a couple of years, this Australian Frangipani or Native Frangipani as they call it in Australia has been rewarding us with beautiful highly fragrant blooms every November to early January. The flowers do not look anything special– as they are quite small but the fragrance is nearly on par with the tropical ones.

This is a New Zealand cat in her garden with the Australian Frangipani as a backdrop.

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