Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pizza Oven & Al Fresco Dining


Our friends and ex-neighbours, Gavin and Vanessa, invited us over for a casual dinner at their place last Saturday. Their warm and lovely home is in the country with some land that they have turned into gardens with lawns and a cosy outdoor entertaining area around this pizza oven. Gavin built the oven himself from sources on the Internet.We dined al fresco on several small dishes – a bit like tapas and of course, pizzas ( several of them).


James, their beautiful youngest son with Bonnie.

This is Roscoe, their 10 years old dog.


Bonnie, who else?


Two scavengers – they followed food everywhere.


Flat garlic bread made from pizza dough.

Hawaiian Pizza


Prawn Pizza

The butterfly chairs – Vanessa’s dad had them made when she was little. The plastic seats are original. Aren’t they gorgeous?

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