Friday, January 6, 2012

Was it a Waiting for Godot?

The weather in the second half of December was not that brilliant. It had been raining quite a lot at times. Bonnie was not very happy as she could not go outside much and most of all she could not play with her chum, Bailey. Sometimes she sat waiting by the dog door...for the rain to stop and Bailey to come...and many times the rain didn’t stop and Bailey didn’t come.....

This reminded me of the play we were dragged to see when I was studying in America. It was directed by a Thai student in Arts and Sciences(Theatre Major) and one of his friends rallied us fellow Thais from other departments to be there at the Theatre to lend him (the director) our moral support. The play was  a classic: Samuel Beckett ‘s “Waiting for Godot”. It might be that my English was rather poor (and perhaps still is) I couldn’t follow the story and didn’t appreciate the beauty of the language or my taste was too simple at that age(or both) so I was not very keen on that particular play that evening.  I survived through the First Act but excused myself before the Second Act started and it seemed I didn’t miss Godot after all.

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