Monday, August 26, 2013

Ayudhya Here I Come – Part 2: Iudia On the River Boutique Hotel


One of the inspirations that led me to see Ayudhya is this little hotel by the river: Iudia  . I accidentally stumbled across the pictures of the hotel on the Internet about a year ago and have been fascinated with this charming little place ever since.

Ayudhya is situated in the valley of Chao Praya River and also surrounded by other three rivers. Iudia is on the bank of Chao Praya and from the deck above its swimming pool, you can see the expansive view of the river with the temple of Buddhaisawan on the opposite side (west).

They have only 13 rooms including a petite single. Each room has been named after the famous foreign personality of Ayudhya era and has its own theme according to the name. On the day I visited, they were fully booked so I didn’t have a chance to tour the guestrooms. As it was hot and muggy, after walking around the premises to take in the views of the river and gardens, we retreated to their nice and quiet café and ordered some refreshment – the food was ok-ish, our coffee nice and strong and the service was prompt and excellent. I have promised myself that I will be back here in the foreseeable future and stay a few nights – see you soon Iudia.

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