Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Viset Kai Yang Restaurant (Bangkok)

I have known this restaurant not far from our home in Bangkok for ages. They used to be more Chinese style when I was little but have evolved to meet the market trend so now they also offer north eastern style (Isaan style) food like spicy pork and beef salad.

I went straight to this restaurant the next day. Their rotisserie chicken was still brilliant and the same went with prawn cakes. Of course, we also had the trendy Isaan pork salad (people around me have given up beef long ago, either for religious or health reason) and sticky rice. Their sticky rice was infused with turmeric before steaming to render nice yellow hue.

I picked Cherimoya  ice cream for dessert. It was wonderful – as good as it gets for a commercial version. Cherimoyas or Custard Apples used to be very common in Thailand but they come and go with food trend. Fortunately, they are in trend again. In New Zealand, we also have cherimoyas and they will be in season next month so it might be a good time to try making this ice cream. Someone told me how to do it – but I have never tried making it yet. If I can get hold of the fruit I will surely try and definitely share the tried recipe here on this blog.

Address: Viset Kai Yang - 309 Pracharat 1 Road, Bang-Po, Bangkok 10800. It's right on the corner at Bang-Po intersection. You can get subway to Bang-sue Station and then a short Taxi ride to the restaurant.

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