Monday, August 12, 2013

Retro Live Café @ Queen Sirikit Convention Centre

If you are in Bangkok you can either drive or catch a subway to Queen Sirikit Convention Centre. The convention centre itself is on Rachadapisek Road in Klontoey side of town so it’s a lot easier for me to go by underground train and the station is right there under the building.

The centre is more than 20 years old with over 60,000 square metre floor space. In my past life, my line of work required me to be here quite often. It used to be modern and awesome in the old days but 20 years on it is a bit worn and tired. However, the ground it is sitting on is still fantastic with lake and gardens.

Retro Live Cafe is on the lake side of the premises but they are not making the most out of this wonderful view. The restaurant offers buffet lunch and a la carte dinner but if you like seafood and value for money, I suggest you come here for Sunday lunch as they have grilled seafood on the menu.

The buffet lunch offers a wide range of good quality food but just don’t go near the pasta bar. I did stick to Thai food selection and was not disappointed. The dessert bar was fabulous with variety of sweet treats. This picture shows some tiny pieces of Thai sweets. The Sunday that I was there, there was going to be a wedding reception in the evening and they were preparing this flower screen to screen off the service door. Simple yet beautiful.

Note: If you go by subway, get off the train at Queen Sirikit Convention Centre Station.

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