Monday, August 5, 2013

Thailand Again

Hello everyone - I'm back. As you might have guessed, I have been in Thailand over the past month. My most recent visit was almost 2 years ago. Many things have changed since, and rapidly at that, especially with technology and social media and infrastructure. A lot of new buildings, motorways, new sky tracks for trains to be operating in the next couple of years or so.

In Bangkok, I was on underground train one day and the whole car was so quiet as everybody seemed to be in their own world with smart phones and tablets. My mother, as usual, warned me to take care of my handbag while travelling on public transports and as I put my bag on my lap, these people with their gadgets did not appear to care for other belongings. So they might be an easier target:)

Technology has its upside and downside, depending on users I guess. I met a lot of old friends I had not seen for years but still felt familiar and it seemed like yesterday not years ago because of social media. I travelled with my camera to capture pictures for my blog. People around me used their smart phones and posted pronto on their Facebook. Some people would not only play with Facebook but also chat on one of their what-so-ever apps while we were eating – this is not exclusive to young people but also middle age and older- to the point that I would call rude.

I also travelled outside Bangkok. Firstly to Nakorn Pathom which is about 1 and a half hours from Bangkok (on a good day). On the way, in the middle of nowhere, we even found a  lovely tiny coffee shop by the side of petrol station. They offer lovely coffee and free wifi!

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