Friday, October 3, 2014


This is Moonya. I think she is an Exotic Shorthair – but I could be wrong. Moonya is our customer's cat. Her mum says she loves the high end audio system at home. Not a surprise when the parents are also into that kind of thing themselves!

Moonya also enjoys having her teeth cleaned – this I find unusual. Our moggies will not like it even a bit. However, cats are such a strange creature so they can come up the unexpectables from time to time.

Update: I just have got an email from Moonya's mum. Moonya is a Scottish Fold not Exotic Shorthair - my apologies, Moonya. Would you please forgive meeee? She can also do hi-five with her little paws and loves to sing along to Rossini Cat's Duet!

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