Monday, October 6, 2014

Duck Eggs

Duck eggs are more common in Thailand than here in New Zealand. A lot of sweets (really sweet) are made of duck eggs and sugar. They are richer than chicken eggs and the shell is also a little bit thicker so they stay fresh for longer. Some say they smell a bit stronger than chicken eggs but I cannot smell any difference (might have been my nose!)

I don’t come across duck eggs very often but my friend has acquired a flock of ducks recently and she is kind enough to give me some of the eggs. I made chocolate cake with one of them and the cake was fluffier.

Another thing duck eggs are much better than chicken eggs is when you make salted eggs as they have firmer texture especially egg white so they will hold the shape well when cooked. Salted eggs in Thailand are always made with duck eggs. It’s my first attempt in making salted eggs. I have put the rest of the duck eggs in salted water and we will have to wait at least for 4 weeks before I know if it works. If you do not see any post about them here in November, it means I fail miserably!

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