Monday, April 8, 2013

Gardens of Takapuna

When we were in the North Shore the other day to see Joan Armatrading in concert, we had enough time to stroll down The Promenade to the beach in Takapuna. Land and houses and even apartments here are expensive. Most of the beach front properties are exclusive to the rich and the famous. We came across this row of up-market terrace houses. I am sure gardens in front of these houses are kept in very nice and tidy condition all the time as they are a little bit lower than street level so they are to be seen by passers by.And as small as they are, low-maintenance will not spring into one's mind. You can almost imagine a small troop of elves coming out at night with their small garden tools to cut here and snip there to keep everything in perfect shape.

The garden in this corner unit looked immaculate and colourful - analogous and tetrad complement at the same time.The grass was so green it looked more like a carpet especially for this dry summer. My eyes, though, were even greener with envy!

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