Friday, April 19, 2013

The Art of Plating – Cocoro Japanese Restaurant

I was supposed to write a post about this delightful Japanese restaurant a while ago but the photographs had not been processed until recently.

Bob and I went to Cocoro in Ponsonby for our joint birthdays and Valentine’s dinner in late February. Japanese take their food presentation seriously from the high end eateries down to the street food level (some tastes as beautiful as it looks and some not) - to please the eye first and then the taste buds. At Cocoro we picked the degustation menu and all of their dishes tasted as beautiful as they looked.

We started with Miso grilled Wakanui beef mince “Niku Miso’ on a bed of ice berg as shown above. Each dish has its own wow factor with beautiful props and it might look quite small but believe me, after 8 dishes you will leave the restaurant with full tummy (we added on Wagyu dish halfway and struggled with the roasted duck breast as beautiful as it was).

We finished the meal with Betsubara or Soy Sauce Ice-cream with fresh fruit medley and tiny green tea meringues.  It might sound weird (the same way as blue cheese ice cream) but it was delicious. We left the place very happy that evening.

Cocoro classify themselves as a new style Japanese cuisine and they are good at it – modern Japanese food that is. We like this restaurant and will be back for special occasions – as their whimsical style should be saved for such occasions so the magic will not wear off too soon.

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