Friday, April 12, 2013

Like a Bird on a (thick) Wire

Now that we have cut down the tall cabbage trees along the fence to end the Indian Mynahs’ dream to nest on them, we notice that the smaller and cuter birds are coming back to our garden. This little guy came to perch on the rail of our balcony last weekend.

The mynahs were such a nuisance. They were loud and aggressive when they were nesting on one of the cabbage trees in our garden. They swooped on Pipi to dive bomb her. So it was no fun for her to sunbathe on the deck the last 2 months.

They are such a bully type too – they can and will (if given a chance) steal other people’s nests with no shame. They are not very keen on the trees with branches – I guess they are too easily accessible by predators.

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