Monday, November 25, 2013

Japanese Teapot and Pu-er Tea

This one has also taken with Light Painting technique. I bought this Japanese teapot (well, it’s made in Japan although it looks more like Chinese teapot to me) from on-line auction for a song. Bob just polished the handle so it looks pretty again.

Bob has become a tea connoisseur of sort- he knows his Pu-er, shall we say. When he makes his tea, it’s a kind of little tea ceremony with timer to time the steeping. In the above photo, it also shows a bit of his favourite ‘Bingcha’ or tea disc as the tea leaves comes compressed in a round flat disc and you have to break and loosen the amount that you need to brew. Some come in bowl shape (Tuocha), some in mushroom shape (Jincha), or brick (Zhuancha) and so on. When I was young, tea leaves came in tins and small packets. I had never known until recently that tea leaves could be compressed in different shapes and sizes.

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