Monday, November 11, 2013

Jasmine Tea & Rum Raisin Chocolate

Bob has grown very fond of Chinese tea lately – his favourite is Pu-er. We call it Po-leh (which is Cantonese for Pu-er) in Thailand. I don’t drink Chinese tea that much here – in Thailand we drink Chinese tea with Chinese food and sometimes with sweet treats like sesame crisps or candied cool melon pieces. For anytime tea, my mother drinks bael tea – which is made from dried bael fruits. I like Pu-er but only after eating rich food as it’s too strong for my taste to be an any time, everyday tea. They say Pu-er is quite good for ‘washing away’ excess fat of food consumed and that’s why we have this kind of tea with meals. Anyway, I’m not a tea connoisseur – so I could not possibly comment.

Bob is kind to buy a bag of loose Chinese Jasmine Tea for me. It’s not very strong and quite aromatic. It’s refreshing to drink a cup or two in the afternoon – especially with a row of rum-raisin dark chocolate.

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