Friday, November 8, 2013

RIP Tyler

I fed this cat the last two weekends while her humans were away. She lived next door but I didn't see her that often. The old lady was approaching 20 so she preferred peaceful and quiet indoor life.

Tyler must have been super cute and very pretty when she was young. At the ripe old age, she was still in good condition and pretty. The first time I fed her she was quite tentative but from the second time onwards she was her own self and was very vocal and demanding. I think she might have known I am a sucker when it comes to tabby cats.

I fed her for the last time on Sunday morning and she ate her breakfast with gusto. I learned from her mommy that she went downhill very quickly on Monday with kidney failure. She has gone to kitty heaven on Tuesday surrounded by her beloved humans. I am glad I got to know her. Rest in peace, Tyler.

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