Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I travelled alone quite a lot when I was young(er) and single. The first time I flew on my own was when I went to America to study in my 20’s.
After quitting my office job 10 years ago, I still often fly back to Bangkok to visit my parents on my own.
My best travelling companions have always been some good books. When I flew to Thailand this time I travelled with my kindle loaded with several books.

On the way to Thailand, I had to transit in Sydney. Qantas normally fly Airbus 330-200 on this route but they had some issues with the plane on the day I flew so they had to use Boeing 767 instead. It’s my first time on 767. For Sydney –Bangkok route I was on 747 Longreach.
It was also my first time in 10 years flying with Qantas. On-board services were excellent both ways. I was lucky that Mark (he’s Kiwi from Torbay), one of the dedicated ‘Premier Class’ flight attendants was on both flights (Sydney – Bangkok and Bangkok – Sydney, 3 weeks apart) and I was very well looked after. Thank you, Mark, for making my flights very pleasant.

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