Friday, October 21, 2011

Snacking Thai-style

Bangkok is quite well-known for its (congested) traffics. The entrepreneurial Thais started selling their ware at intersections ages ago from newspapers to flower garlands.


When I was in Bangkok this time we found several vendors selling Thai Banana Fritters or Kluay Khaek at the intersection on Sri Ayudhya and Kampangpetch Roads. They were thin and crispy with sesame seeds and coconut in the batter. We bought one bag (10 Baht each or about NZ$0.40) on the way to our Yum-Char lunch at Bangkok Kitchen and two on the way back home. They were delish. I have never tried making this at home but you can follow Shesimmers’ recipe here.

Note: As I am writing this – three weeks after I left Thailand, floods are threatening Bangkok on many fronts. It looks like the city will not escape some damage this time as we have had too much rain and water from the north. I just hope that the floods will not be severe and will not be long.

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