Wednesday, October 12, 2011

No Yeast Pizzas

Bob does not eat many carbs these days but I crave pizzas from time to time. So pizzas are often on the menu when I have lunch with my girl friends or when Bob is out for his poker night.

When I spent my time studying in the US, I had a lot of pizzas back then. Our favourite joints were God Father’s and Pizza Hut’s. I was so obsessed with Pizza Hut’s personal pan pizzas that we had them everyday for lunch when I made a road trip to Las Vegas with my friend Kiat Lan during our Spring break. We had them in Armarillo, we had them in Flagstaff, we had them in Grand Canyon, and etc. That was before we arrived in Las Vegas and just hit the town for ‘all you can eat’ buffets. We divorced pizzas unceremoniously in Vegas.

We bought a special package that included room and one show. When we checked in at the hotel, we were asked for our IDs to prove that we were over 21. I have loved Vegas ever since!

Come back to pizzas after a detour to Las Vegas - I like crispy base and no yeast pizza dough seems to be perfect for this if I am to make pizzas myself, that is. I have used this Speedy Margherita Pizza recipe for pizza base and sauce from New Zealand House & Garden Magazine (July 2010 issue) but reduced salt for the base to half teaspoon. I also add pepperoni, thinly sliced Chorizo, bacon and basil leaves before the pizza going in the oven. For the sauce, I use canned Diced Tomatoes when fresh hot house tomatoes are still quite expensive.

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