Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Floating Market in Amphawa (Part Trois) or Refreshing Ice Shave

This is one of the many interesting shops at Amphawa Floating Market and although they are not in the boat but on the bank, they are definitely part of the market. They sell ice shave here which is a very good idea for refreshment for sweating visitors. They have all sort of flavours on offer but the most interesting one is Vodka-lemonade. I didn’t try it so could not tell how it tasted like. This Vodka-lemonade ice shave  seems to be their most  pricey one at 40 Baht (NZD1.60) a pop while the other flavours sell for 15 Baht so it might contain a few drops of Vodka!

I have been thinking quite hard whether I should blog about the places I visited while I was in Thailand in September now that 1/3 of the country is flooded. I have decided I will go ahead with the pictures and materials. A lot of these places might not be the same for a wee while but I have a very pleasant memory of  my visit this time and it should be preserved in my blog.

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