Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dragon Fruit

This strange fruit is called Dragon Fruit. The plant is related to Cactus in Hylocereanae genus. It first came to Vietnam from its origin in Central America with the French Missionary in the early 20th century. In Thailand, they call it Dragon’s Jewel. These fruits are very popular for celebrations such as birthday, new home, wedding and etc.

There are many varieties and red flesh is sweeter than the white one. This one is of white flesh variety which is more common and the fruit as a whole is more beautiful with bright pink petal-like skin with green tips. Although they are considered very good for your health with low calories, anti-oxidant property, high in Vitamin C, and so on, I am not very keen. I think it is too bland, not really sour nor sweet. For me, I’d rather use them for decoration the same way I do flower arrangements!

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